Introducing Business Owner: Kavi Bailey of Grand Paradé Coffee

Kavi Bailey

Founder | CEO


Q: Tell us a bit about yourself and your career path so far. 
A: I love life and I believe we should all be able to experience the beauty of life. So what does all this mean? It means, empowering others and availing resourcing as needed.

I built my career in finance right out of college and enjoyed every minute of it. What was most satisfying was designing strategies and managing assets for all individuals across the wealth spectrum.

Three years ago, I left finance for the coffee farms, passionate to meaningfully and tangibly enhance the lives of farmers and their communities. The journey has been very humbling, with farmers welcoming us into their homes and open to a modern and transparent form of partnership. I believe farmers are our life-line and the bedrock of the company we are gradually building. For that, we support farmers, before, during and after the harvest. It is a 360° symbiotic relationship that can only co-exist if both parties are fully engaged!

Q: What inspired you to become an entrepreneur? 
A: The need to want to change life for the better. As a young adult, I have been driven to building and empowering communities in Kenya.

Q: Tell us about your business. 
A: Grand Paradé is a "Farm to Cup" coffee company. We source the finest coffees from sustainably-conscious partner farmers around the world. Our coffees are artfully hand-roasted in Berkeley, CA and delivered fresh to your doorstep.

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Q: What have been the biggest challenges of being an entrepreneur? 
A: Having to shift to a new way of thinking and communicating in an industry that I am gradually learning and adapting to.

Q: Where have you found the support you've needed to start, grow, and scale? 
A: We have received tremendous support from our farmers who have welcomed us into their communities. At the same time, other custodians of coffee have supported us and helped us scale our business.


Q: What is the one piece of advice you would like to share with other entrepreneurial women in the world? 
A: We can do it - but we can do it better together.

Q: What do you like most about WorldWideWomen? 
A: WorldWideWomen is an amazing place to find inspiration and support from other female entrepreneurs. It's a great network that helps us to find partners and facilitates collaborations.

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