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Direct Trade Rewritten

At Grand Paradé, we believe farmers are our lifeline and the designers of coffees we desire and pursue.  This is our Blueprint. We travel to the farms to select and purchase our coffees. Our farmers receive premium prices for their coffees. At origin, we spend significant time with farmers learning and collaborating to improve the quality of coffee and most importantly, the quality of life.  We invest in our farmers and their communities before, during and after the coffee harvest.

Coffee Art & Science

At Grand Paradé we balance uncompromising quality and innovative artisanship in purveying coffees with clean flavors and extraordinary aroma.  We obssess over every detail in selecting our coffees  Our classic coffees express the best of speciality coffee and display an impeccable balance of tradition and modernity.  Exclusive  and prestige quality are the hallmarks of all Grand Paradé coffees.

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Quality Packaging & Storage

 Temperature fluctuations and changes in climate play a crucial role in the condition of the coffees we ship. As such, we transport our coffees in eco-friendly GrainPro lining bags that have superior gas and moisture barrier properties. These watertight and vapor tight liners preserve the quality, taste and color of all our coffees. A Grand Paradé coffee is packaged and stored with quality in mind.