Born from heritage and passion Grand Paradé is the brainchild of founder Kavi Bailey. Rooted in experience, Kavi’s approach to sourcing coffee is focused on uncompromising quality. Her story begins in Kenya on the coffee plantations where she spent her summers.  She discovered that elevation degree, varietal choice, soil type and processing methods all intersect and influence a coffee's flavor complexity and intensity. Kavi knows that Quality Starts at Origin and with Care!

Inspired by the marvel of nature and its produce, Kavi left Wall Street in pursuit for exceptional coffees - beans with balanced complexity and rich juicy textures. Obsessed with quality, Kavi travels to the farms and is intimately involved in the coffee’s journey starting with its sustainable farming and processing to its optimal transportation and storage.  Influential, innovative and progressive, Kavi is reinventing a modern approach to coffee procurement. A transparent approach that Transcends Price and Distributes Dividends.