This Meru micro-lot AA coffee is grown by small-holder farmers of the Mururine wet mill, one of five mills affiliated with the Mukiiria farmer co-operative. Mukiiria, one of 48 co-operatives under the Meru Coffee Union, is committed to seeking fair coffee prices and to providing financial and educational support to all its members. The Mururine mill was founded in 1984 and has seen its membership grow to over 500 small-holder farmers who farm over 150 hectares of land all inclusive and produce over 50 tons of hand-picked coffee cherries. Individual member farms average between 1/2 and one hectare. Society member farms are located on the eastern slopes of Mount Kenya and enjoy the red friable volacanic soils that give their coffees the renowned blackberry juiciness and wine-like acidity infamous of Kenyan coffees. 

  • Varietal: SL28 . SL34 . Ruiru 11

  • Harvest: September - January | 2018 - 2019

  • Altitude: 1,600-1,800 meters

  • Soil: Volcanic Loam

  • Process: Fully-Washed | Dried on Raised-Beds